FAQ Shares

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have a list of the most commonly asked questions around the free gift of LightWave™ Shares.

Am I really getting a share in LightWave?

You will be getting a share in LightWave Digital Ltd, a UK
based company that now owns LightWave 3D software.

Why did LightWave Digital offer shares to the LightWave community?

Andy is a big believer in giving back and he wanted to do something really special as a Thank You to you all, for your commitment and loyalty. The opportunity to have a share in LightWaveDigital means you can get closer to the action with sneak peeks and bespoke offers, as well as get a chance to share in the future upside of the business.

Do I have to take the share?

No of course not, it is up to you. It is our gift to you with your pre-order, but you are under no obligation to take the share. We will confirm with you when we issue information on the shares, if you want to go ahead and become a shareholder.

Are there any tax implications of taking the share?

As we aren’t tax experts and our user base is truly global, we can only recommend that you take advice on this for your specific region and circumstances.

How can I track the value of my share?

The shares are in a privately owned UK company, so the value of the share isn’t publicly listed.

What are my responsibilities as a shareholder?

We will issue a shareholder’s agreement setting out the responsibilities and restrictions associated with becoming a shareholder. You will have a chance to read these before you agree to take the share.

What are my rights as a shareholder?

The shareholder’s agreement that we will be sending out, will set out your rights and restrictions as a shareholder. You will have a chance to read these before you agree to take the share.

When do I receive my share?

The offer states that shares will be issued within 90 days.We wanted to make sure you had enough time to review the shareholder information, take independent advice and confirm your interest in taking the share before we pushed the button on this offer.

Can I buy more shares?

Please contact us at firstcontact@lightwave3dx.com if you wish to find out more. We understand that investing is a complicated business and may not be suitable for everyone. NB. You will need to take independent advice on any investment decisions that you decide to make.

What’s my share worth today?

As it is a share in a private limited company, there is no listed market value. The nominal value of LightWave Digital shares is 10p (UK pennies!) We have included your share as a free gift when you pre-order your 2023 upgrade, so there’s no need for you to do any complex calculations to try and work out its value. It’s a gift from us, for you to keep for the future.

What will my share be worth in the future?

What a great question….and it’s one that we hope you’ll be part of the answer! The more successful we are, the more the value of the share will increase. Which is why we want you guys involved to help us make the right decisions so we can deliver the very best version of LightWave every year!