LightWave™ has a long history of delivering the finest, most realistic art and animation the world has ever seen

LightWave™ Digital aims to revolutionize 3D animation creation through cutting-edge software solutions, that empower artists around the world.

Our re-launch of LightWave 3D® will allows users across multiple industries such as film production, anime, video games & architecture and real estate, to create anything they can imagine!

Our vision is to enchant the world with the magic of 3D and evolve our technology through creativity and innovation. We are committed to inclusivity and our mission is to make world-class 3D graphics accessible to everyone, everywhere.  

Our Senior Leadership Team is made up of LightWave 3® specialists and industry experts, supported by engineers and creatives spanning the globe, so we are extremely well-positioned to take LightWave™ forward into its next evolution.

By building on this outstanding heritage we aim to deliver the best in class software to our loyal customers around the globe

Our dedicated team

LightWave 3D® has been acquired by a world-class team incorporating outstanding creative and commercial talent, to bring you a refreshed and reinvigorated 3D graphics package positioned for the future.

Our shared vision and values will enable us to return LightWave 3D® to its market-leading position and deliver to our loyal users the best-in-class features and functionality, you have been waiting for.

Meet the team